Mike has a gift for working with challenging dogs. For him, it’s about making the connection with the dog and understanding why they act how they act so he can figure out what approach is best for that individual animal. Because of this philosophy and patience he has made an exceptional difference in our pet. Our fur baby is now an active part of our family life and a wonderful companion. We are very grateful.
— Laura D.
I brought my rowdy rescue puppy to Voraussehen Kennels when I was nearing the end of my patience. In three short weeks, Mike taught her to heel, sit without a command, stay in her “place,” and more. My puppy was totally transformed! The in-home training atmosphere was a great fit for my dog, because I knew she was around other dogs she could play with and humans who would treat her as one of their own. Mike, I can’t thank you enough!
— Katie B.
I brought my puppy to Mike when she was about 6 months old. She was rambunctious like most puppies, she needed a lot of work as she was quickly filling into her 100 pounds. I left her with him for two weeks and when I picked her up she was a completely different puppy. She was still sweet and loving but TOTALLY obedient!!! I witnessed him roll on the ground and provide her with love and affection and I witnessed him give her commands to which she followed!!! He was great and we appreciate everything he did for us and our baby!
— Samantha T.
Compassionate training. Mike really cares about your dog.
— Krystin P.